For all women and from pregnant to postpartum

You can come here with children at ease, complete private salon nico 



 Total body care nico is women’s salon by a female therapist who has national license.

Beside relaxation, we help you solve physical problems which happen especially in women’s body from women’s view. Based on careful counseling, we suggest each customer the most suitable therapy.

Maternity massage

During pregnancy, unborn baby can feel comfortable if mother feel relaxed. Our maternity care menu is for women to ease lower back pain, hip pain, and swelling legs by spending some relaxing time.

. If you hope, we can check your distortion of pelvis and add brief adjustment to your body in this treatment. This massage has good reputation. After continuing this treatment periodically, confinement gets easier.

We can deal with both dry massage and oil massage. Combination (Dry massage and Oil massage) is also available.



If you wish to have a maternity massage, it must be after 16 weeks. Please make a reservation after confirming whether you can receive maternity care of your doctor or midwife by medical checkup during pregnancy or by telephone.

If it is just before your expected due date, or if your due date has passed, we will accept to treat you only when you have your doctor's consent, and you are accompanied by someone or you have someone to pick you up

Please consult with your doctor before making an appointment if you are required to rest in bed by the doctor, or when you are unsure about your condition                                                                                                                                                                 




Postpartum massage


After the delivery, mothers will feed baby every few hours and be holding baby without the time to rest. Do you put off your body care? It is really important for mother to be in good condition because you want to give nourishing milk to your baby. Here, nico loosens your stiff muscle courteously. During the term of lactation, your muscle of neck, shoulders, the back and around bust and whole your body are loosened by this massage. Also, your distorted pelvis is moved to right position and improves shallow breathing. We can deal with both dry massage and oil massage. Combination (dry massage and oil massage) is also available.

※Postpartum massage is available for people 1 month after childbirth.

If you delivered the baby with C-section operation, please book after a 1-month check-up and obtaining the doctor's consent.


Deep tissue massage (Shiatsu)

In our Deep tissue massage, we give you the most suitable treatment according to your favorite strength. This is peculiar Japanese massage and its pressure is relatively strong. Your body is loosened to deep tissue of body. This course includes stretching so that your stiff body by fatigue will be released. At the same time, it improves distorted body, pelvis and depth of breathing.  Also, this course can be combined with aroma oil massage.


Example) Shiatsu 30min + Aroma oil massage 30 min = Total 60 min

Aroma oil massage

nico’s aroma oil massage pushes slowly and firmly away effete matter in your body. We have good reputation from customer who has poor circulation, swelling, stiff or pain on shoulders, back and legs, and headache and who is hard to release fatigue. Also if you hope, we can check distortion of pelvis and depth of breathing. We can give you some advices along the result. Of course, you can arrange strength of pressure in treatment. We use high quality jojoba oil.

This course can be combined with Shiatsu massage.


Example) Shiatsu 30 min + Aroma oil massage 30 min = Total 60 min



A price list ( standard price) You can use the $ 100yen=1$


ーTreatment menu Time Price Limited Price

Deep tissue massage


 60min  4000yen -



Aroma oil massage   60min  4500yen -



Maternity massage

(Aroma oil +500 yen)

 60min  5500yen -
80min 7000yen -

Postpartum massage 

(Aroma oil +500 yen) 

60min 5000yen -
90min 7000yen


     tax is included




😊Except above menu, we prepare longer time course.

😊You can extend time. (800 yen per every ten minutes) (In case your treatment time is close to the next reservation, it may be impossible to extend)

😊Credit card are accepted. ※VISA,MASTER,AMEX 

For people with children.


We will provide some extension time to take care of your children for maximum 30minutes in your reservation, so please do not worry about undone treatment from looking over your own children. Please feel free to take care of your children (crying, feeding, and walking around) within 30 minutes. Even if treatment time gets longer, 30 minutes is for free. If you hesitate to go outside for your care because of children, don’t worry. We welcome you to come here.


After 30 minutes, extended time is charged.)



( Text message also available for acceptance)

   We apologize for not answering the phone calls during the treatment. In case, please leave us some text messages. Please inform us of your selected course, the date and time, or inquiries.


Buisiness hours

 AM 10:00 ~ PM 17:00

Regular holiday:

Sunday, National holidays(japan), Third Saturday of a month


Casa Bianca 301 2-15-17 Futenma Ginowan-shi Okinawa

Note: When searching for an address with mobile navigation or car navigation system, it seems that one way is guided by a different road. If you come near, please find a difference of 5, which is a landmark, and please find the yellow signboard of bottle of liquor.  We are sorry for your inconvenience in a confusing place, but thank you.

Going the road between “Fashion house ” and the yellow signboard of bottle of liquor.  White building on the left side at the end of street. (Please park your car at No.7)

About salon



You can spend comfortable time in the private room under the complete reservation system. You don’t have to care about other customers, so you can feel a sense of relief to accompany your children (There is no nursery service)


About therapist

Therapist  Akiko Watanabe



14 years’ experience as a therapist. I have experienced to work at clinic,relaxation and Beauty salon . I have worked in Australia and given treatment so that I can communicate with people by using basic English.